British Computer Society accredited ICT Courses: Workshop Activities

The British Computer Society Accredited ICT Courses workshop activities held on May 8th, 2018 for senior staff and supervisors of farmers organizations are as follows

The first session’s activities were based on excel spreadsheets and data processing activities, this session was led by Dr. Ngwashi who provided technical training on spreadsheets on excel and data processing.

Participants of workshop sessions and Dr. Sone Director of COT-UB distributing workshop session material 

The second session involved activities based on the E-Farm Management system training. This session was supervised by Dr. Vegah as it was led by the College of Technology final year software engineering students’ Kobei Hans, Ando Jokwi and Darlington Takem, the students discussed and demonstrated the E-farm Management system. The course was an interactive session with participants posing various questions and requesting clarifications on the various features of the E-farm management system.

The third and final session was the Plenary session which was led by Dr. Vegah who discussed the British Computer Society Certification (BCS) and the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) programs which are based on Industry standard skills set on Microsoft Office Software Packages including web editing.

Plenary session Discussion coordinated by the Director of COT-UB Cameroon

Workshop and Achievements and Benefits

  • The workshop trained over 20 participants on data handling and manipulation with Excel spreadsheets and the basics of BCS accredited ECDL/ICDL packages
  • The workshop handled student, trainee, and staff data
  • The workshop identified participants who will need full training on the BCS accredited ECDL courses and the E-Farm Management system

The feedback from participants was positive, they stated that the sessions were very useful for the activities they do daily in their offices. The participants also expressed the need for more workshops in the future with more activities. At the end of the workshop participants were issued certificates of participation by Dr. Michael Sone, Director of College of Technology at the University of Buea. 

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