Workshop on British Computer Society accredited ICT Courses

On May 8th, 2018 ADES held a workshop on the British Computer Society Accredited ICT Courses for senior staff and supervisors of farmers organizations, the event was hosted by the College of Technology the University of Buea in Cameroon. Participants of the workshop came from the Southwest region of Cameroon and included organizations such as SOWEFU (South West Farmers Union), KONA-FARM COOPERATIVE, PLANOPAC and The Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture  (statistic department).

The day started off with registrations then was followed by opening remarks from the Director of COT-UB,  who discussed topics such as:

  • The background of the workshop program, the goals and vision to empower farming practitioners and senior staff in the Argo sector
  • Improving farming practitioners and senior staff in the Argo sector productivity with ICT applications
  • The workshop being in line with the vision of “ The College Factory Project” which target’s projects to serve businesses in the region and the farming sector

Mr. Emmanuel Arrah representing Green World Consulting one of COT UB partners followed the director of COT-UB’s speech by discussing the following:

  • Encouraging participants to take advantage of the collaboration between GWCON and COT-UB as the partnership intends to empower farmers and farm-producer organizations to upgrade their standards as agribusiness professionals who are producing according to international norms of certification
  • The workshops being an opportunity to make available ICT extension facilities, as well as equip cooperatives with networking skills that will increase their visibility in the world market.

These opening remarks were then followed by Mr. Arrah leading participants to the workshop where they were set to acquire skills for them to reach a better level of success in their business activities.

The director of COT_UB and Representatives of GWOCON addressing participants.

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