Workshop Faculty of science university of Buea: Session 2

The ADES workshop for ICT skills capacity building for secretaries, administrative staff and finance officers that was held on January 26th, 2019 in the computer lab of the college Technology in the University of Buea compromised of three sessions.

The second session activities were based on demonstrations and discussions of Expert E-Learn System, it was carried out by final year students of the College of Technology who were supervised by Dr. Godwill Vegah. The session demonstrated the Expert E-learn System for online / distance learning. The E-learn system software, equipment and infrastructure, based at COT-UB is extendable to a radius of 100 miles, to remote regions through Air-Fibre, Pico and Nono station communication equipment, linked to the central and regional server system, for secure processing of students and staff information and data Analysis.

Final year COT-UB students helping demonstrate workshop activity to participants
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