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On January 26th, 2019 ADES held a workshop for ICT skills capacity building for secretaries, administrative staff and finance officers of the faculty. The workshop also facilitated the use of ICT applications in processing office documents, keeping records, data collection and information management of students, staff materials and equipment. Lastly, the workshop was administered to empower staff with business ICT skills in Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Office packages.

The three main objectives for the workshop are as follows:

  1. Provide ICT knowledge skills on spreadsheets and Microsoft Office packages
  2. Demonstrate and engage faculty staff with innovative “Expert-E-Learn System”, designed to increases staff productivity
  3. Showcase the COT-UB Networking equipment supporting communication, training and data processing for staff and students records.

The workshop was located in the computer lab of the college Technology at the University of Buea and consisted of 27 participants such as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and as mentioned above the administrative staff. The two main resource persons were Dr. Vegah and Dr. Ngwashi assisted by three final year students of the College of Technology.

The day started off with registrations then was followed by opening remarks from the COT-UB Director,  who discussed topics such as:

  • The background of the workshop program
  • The goals and vision to empower senior support staff of the university
  • Businesses in the region, to improve their productivity with ICT applications.

The COT-UB director also discussed the availability of modern Intranet and high-speed internet equipment, that will connect regional community and business centers to the College server for training and data analytics services.

The Faculty Officer (FO) of the Faculty of Science, addressing participants on behalf of the Dean
Dr Vegah, addressing Workshop Participants on behalf of ADES-UK / The Director, of College of Technology (D/COT

Workshop participants busy with workshop tasks
Dr Ngwashi and Dr Vegah assisting participants on workshop task

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