SOWEDA Farmers ICT project: Meeting of the 19th of March 2019

On the 19th of March 2019, COT-UB and ADES-UK had an extended appointment with the General Manager, technical and support staff of SOWEDA and AIVDP staff. At this forum ideas were discussed based on the “SOWEDA ICT Project”, for the South West Region of Cameroon, consisting of the deploying the E-Farm system, to manage farmer produce and increase farmer productivity; as well as provide E-Training for farmers and farmer cooperative staff. The E-Farm System was also presented and demonstrated. In the course of the presentation, ADES-UK Rep, also highlighted the ADES VISION, to “Develop Digital infra-structure to support, reform and transform online learning and training.

As follow up to the above meeting, a technical team made up with representatives of COT-UB, ADES-UK, GWOCON and SOWEDA, who inspected the SOWEDA MIS and equipment.

The findings, analysis and evaluation from the follow up technical meeting concluded that:

  1. The E-Farm system components does not duplicate features of the on going SOWEDA MIS system
  2. The E-Farm system components, E-Marketing, E-Finance, Farmers database management and ICT training, would add value to the SOWEDA MIS System, at various levels; Facilitate their collaboration with farming agencies such as the regional and sub regional delegation of Agriculture; as well as their work with farming practitioners and farming agents.

Discussions and report following the inspection of technical facilities at SOWEDA, also came up with key suggestions to improve the existing SOWEDA MIS and further refine the SOWEDA ICT Farmer Project, to become “SOWEDA E-Farm Technology project” to enable SOWEDA to carry out the existing project with more efficient deployment of the proposed ICT tools, in collaboration with its local, national and international partners.

19th of March 2019 Meeting with SOWEDA

19th of March 2019 meeting with SOWEDA E-Farm Presentation

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