SOWEDA Farmers ICT project: COT-UB Equipment and Expectations from Participants

The meeting with SOWEDA highlighted ADES/ COT-UB E-Learning and E-training program, which has the following equipment: Intranet system with hybrid servers, equipment for short range and long range communication. Professional software tools, E-Farm System in collaboration with ADES-UK, ICT Training lab with WebEX (remote / online meeting and training system)

The proposed SOWEDA E-Farm Project” would:

  1. Support farmers increase productivity through E-Farm; and provide training support for SOWEDA staff and farmer cooperative staff.
  2. Enable farmers benefit from the E-Farm, the BCS (British Computer Society) accredited ECDL training, E-marketing, E Finance and profiling of farmer database.
  3. Train and provide field agents as and when necessary to assist farmers with E-marketing, E-finance and profiling of farmer database.
  4. Support and assist Regional and sub regional delegation of Agriculture with trained field agents in specialized ICT domain and specialized ICT tools, as and when necessary, in processing government aid/assistance to farmers.
Workshop, Faculty of Science (FS), University of Buea

Workshop for Farmer Cooperative Senior Staff
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