SOWEDA Farmers ICT project

As a result of research, coupled with support from the Department for International Trade, ADES established an ICT E-learning Centre in collaboration with the University of Buea, College of Technology in the Sub-Saharan Region (West Africa, Cameroon). College of Technology, University of Buea (COT-UB), in collaboration with ADES (Adaptive E-learn Systems), UK, have organized workshops with the faculties of Social and Management Science, Faculty of Science (the top two of most populated faculties of the University of Buea) and senior staff of farmer cooperatives (about 30 farmer cooperative representatives) on ICT programs and applications, beneficial to staff, students and farming organizations. Currently, enrolment is on-going for the BCS / ECDL courses, and monitoring is on going pending a critical mass to start-off the courses.

As a result of ADES Presence in Cameroon, and in Collaboration with COT-UB, for over three years, ADES consultancy services have developed an E-learning Platform – “The Expert E-learn system ”, an online learning-support system for University; and a farm management software platform “E-Farm”, for use by farming co-operatives.

The system:

 Is designed to be a low cost option for farmers In developing countries
 Incorporate a database which stores data about individual farms such as size, location and the most suitable crops to grow
 Provides farmers with the ability to upload yield data
 Incorporates extensive e-training and e-learning tools to educate farmers on cultivation methods for different crops

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